Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Some Deep Linking

It's been a little while since I've done some deep linking to some of the inner pages on the various sites I work on. Deep linking is great to help improve the total number of pages that will be in the Google index.

So here are some sites currently being worked on:

1. EcoFriendlyShoppingOnline.com - Currently focuses on Solar Panels, Wind Turbines, Power Inverters, Rechargeable Batteries and eco-friendly lightbulbs.

2. WeKnowPhoto.com - Currently focuses on Digital Cameras, Film Cameras, Flashes, Lenses, Tripods, Drives and Memory.

3. AllPhoneDeals.com - Currently focuses on Cell Phones, Office Phones, Voip Phones and Cellular Accessories.

4. InsideAndOutHomeDecor.com - Currently focuses on kitchen furniture, housewares, small appliances and outdoor decor.

5. StockMyOffice.com - Currently focuses on office electronics, office and school supplies, computers and office furniture.

6. 75Direct.com - Currently focuses on skateboarding, surfing, skiing and paintballing.

7. ParadiseBeautySupply.com - Currently focuses on makeup, skincare, haircair and fragrances.

8. DvdSmartReviews.com - focuses on well... dvds.

9. Consoles-Stores.co.uk - focuses on the ps3, xbox 360 and the nintendo wii.

10. OurColony.net - focuses on pc games, sony psp and nintendo ds.

Wow, that's quite a few new sites and categories. I didn't exactly link as deeply as I would like, just basically did one link away from the homepage. Link building typically takes some time in anycase, but hopefully these new links will pass on just a touch of pr.

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