Sunday, November 09, 2008

Should Microsoft Buy Yahoo?

Yahoo's stock price has dropped to well below half of the price Microsoft was going to offer for it. Microsoft claims not to be interested, but if you ask me, I think Microsoft would buy Yahoo out just for the sake of acquiring it's search engine and advertising businesses, user base, and some of it's properties.

While Yahoo is still a giant in it's own right, right about now, it's looking like a Microsoft lunch and goody basket. I don't know what the aftermath of such a purchase would be, other then I'd probably go ahead and close out my old Yahoo mail account. I'd probably close out my mybloglog account too. I don't really like using any of Microsoft's web services. It's bad enough I use their operating system on my laptop (for the wireless nic drivers that is).

I don't see Yahoo coming out of this economic recession fully intact. I think Microsoft is going to put the squeeze on the old Yahoo. Shame too, cause I really liked their commercials, lol. Yahoooooooo!

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