Sunday, November 09, 2008

Investment In E-commerce Technology This Season

It's good to see that the hit to our economy has not stopped investment on innovative new website technologies. Many websites are investing in the user experience in attempts to keep and get new business.

One notable site this season is . They have steamlined their look, and included a healthy dose of ajax. I like the quick info function they made, it's an easy way to get some product information, while still browsing through the category. has been using that feature for a little while now. I did my own version of that feature a little while back on one of my older (2yrs) sites.

I hope this holiday season brings in the kind of sales that retailers are looking for. I'd be very bad for business for the holidays to be a sales bust. Times are hard right now, just ask Circuit City, lol. While I've been working hard to crank out some new features, I think that just some basic site improvements, will improve convertion rates, and really thats all any retailer could ask for. If you focus on pleasing your customer, you'll do well any time of the year.

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