Sunday, November 09, 2008

Home Brew Coffee versus Dunkin Donuts

Let me be clear from the beginning, I'm not a coffee aficionado, but Dunkin Donuts does have some decent coffee. I know enough about coffee to know that it's great for programming my next few lines of php, and that I want it with a minimal amount of fuss.

So anyway I've been thinking about buying my own little home brew system so I can save the time and expense of running out to grab a cut, plus there's nothing better then waking up knowing that you don't have to go anywhere, but to the computer desk and kitchen.

If it wasn't for programming, I don't know what I'd be doing, cause I'm so lazy when it comes to doing any kind of labor. I hate working so much, that I even dislike preparing food, taking being a slacker to a whole other level, but that's another blog post. I was checking out this stainless steel coffee maker.I might buy it. I have one now, but haven't used it in a bit because the coffee just hasn't really tasted as great. Not sure if it's the water. Florida water sucks by the way. You've got to purchase your own water. I usually get mine in the form of some caffeinated drink anyways.

So anyways, this week after going from forever, I actually realized that Dunkin Donuts has a sandwich I like, a BLT on a poppy seed bagel. Pretty decent.

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