Monday, August 14, 2006

Getting Googlized

Today I went and got fully Google'd up. I'd been downloading a few of their plugins into my browser, and a few items from the Google pack, but today I dove into Google Desktop. I do like the tools. It's pretty slick and makes things alot easier for what I already do, however, I wish there was a boss or wife mode, that would quickly do away with some items. For example, by default it shows a snippet of incomming emails. This might not be a problem for many of you, but when your wife is sitting at the computer next to you, and spam emails start comming in with their lets just say exotic titles, it can lead to a very nasty "what was that" conversation.

I'm surprised there wasn't a blogger snippet to allow users to blog from their desktop. No problem, I use Elicit anyways, so I'm already blogging from my desktop, but I'm not opposed to doing it the Google way. I'm working on getting my Google certification and have had an Adwords pro account for a short time now, so while exploring I came acrossed Adwords Editor today. Very nice. Seems like they've got most of the features in place that you could ask for. Whats very nice is it's download and post ability, so that you could potential download your account metrics, work offline, and later post your changes.

I didn't know that Google desktop was going to come with a media player. It's pretty sweet, but I still prefer my Music Match Jukebox. I just came to realize that Yahoo bought this company just a little over a year ago. This surprised me, because I'd been using Music Match since about version 3.

I think another reason that inspired me to use Google Desktop is because Google actually knows how to make software. Too bad they don't have their own OS built from something like Red Hat (wipping drool from face). I've been using Gmail and few other Google Services like Adsense and Adwords, so going to Google Desktop was only natural. I'm looking forward to Google Writely, the Microsoft Word crusher. More later, gonna plug back into the Matrix now.

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