Thursday, July 27, 2006

Weird Google Traffic Patterns

Very strangly, after receiving more visitors to my site in one day, I receive the biggest traffic drop. I've been working on my new site Funny thing is that I haven't made any changes this week, I'd been too busy. Seems like every keyword I was well placed for, fell off the map too.

I hope this is just a fluke, because yesterday I had over 500 unique visitors from Google alone, and today 14. Not sure what the deal is, but it's certainly a cruel trick.

I guess these are the important pages I care about:

Apparel - Apparel from
Baby Stuff - Baby Stuff from
Beauty - Beauty Products from
Books - Books from
Classical Music - Listen to and purchase Classical Music
DVD - Buy dvds online
Electronics - Find electronics online.
Gourmet Foods - Enjoy Gourmet Foods, everything from Seafood & Caviar to fine cheese and Chocolates.
Personal Health Care - Get all your personal health care products online.
Jewelry - Our jewelry store combines the best of the gold and diamond districts.
Kitchen and Housewares - Everything from your favorite stores like Bed Bath n Beyond
Magazines - All your favorite magazines in one convienient place.
Music - Get your music online at the , everything from hard to find, top 100 and more.
Office Products - Get all of your office products and supplies online. We have more products than Office Depot and Staples combined.
Outdoor Living - Do you love the great outdoors? We have everything from Lawn & Garden Tools to Patio Furniture
PC Hardware - Build your own computer using our hugh selection of pc hardware.
Photo - Are you a photographer or amature one? We have all your photography supplies online. From cameras and film to digital media supplies.
Software - Software with a smile. Downloads and boxed packages available. Large library of software utilities, games and more.
Sporting Goods - For the great outdoors man, we have all your sporting goods covered. Our online store saves you a trip to the Sports Authority.
Tools and Hardware - With top brandname tools like Craftsman, Dewalt, Stanley and more. we are your choice for tools and hardware.
Video Games - Get the latest video games, strategy guides, reviews and more at
Wireless - Getting a cell phone hasn\'t been easier. We have better prices then your local shops and a much larger selection. We carry all providers.

Lets pray that my traffic comes back up. I'll hold a vigil tonight with some candles, and some chants, lol.

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