Sunday, July 30, 2006

Google's FireFox Extensions

I'm really enjoying all of Google's FireFox extentions. They really make my web browser much more pleasurable. I think the best one of them is the Google Browser Sync. The last several years have been spent always trying to save my favorites and get things the same on my work and home computers. That is a challange no more. I think I'm going to buy some books so I can learn to create an extension or two myself.

I made a post on my Amazon Web Services blog earlier today. It had nothing to do the Google FireFox Extensions, but definately worth a look as always.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Weird Google Traffic Patterns

Very strangly, after receiving more visitors to my site in one day, I receive the biggest traffic drop. I've been working on my new site Funny thing is that I haven't made any changes this week, I'd been too busy. Seems like every keyword I was well placed for, fell off the map too.

I hope this is just a fluke, because yesterday I had over 500 unique visitors from Google alone, and today 14. Not sure what the deal is, but it's certainly a cruel trick.

I guess these are the important pages I care about:

Apparel - Apparel from
Baby Stuff - Baby Stuff from
Beauty - Beauty Products from
Books - Books from
Classical Music - Listen to and purchase Classical Music
DVD - Buy dvds online
Electronics - Find electronics online.
Gourmet Foods - Enjoy Gourmet Foods, everything from Seafood & Caviar to fine cheese and Chocolates.
Personal Health Care - Get all your personal health care products online.
Jewelry - Our jewelry store combines the best of the gold and diamond districts.
Kitchen and Housewares - Everything from your favorite stores like Bed Bath n Beyond
Magazines - All your favorite magazines in one convienient place.
Music - Get your music online at the , everything from hard to find, top 100 and more.
Office Products - Get all of your office products and supplies online. We have more products than Office Depot and Staples combined.
Outdoor Living - Do you love the great outdoors? We have everything from Lawn & Garden Tools to Patio Furniture
PC Hardware - Build your own computer using our hugh selection of pc hardware.
Photo - Are you a photographer or amature one? We have all your photography supplies online. From cameras and film to digital media supplies.
Software - Software with a smile. Downloads and boxed packages available. Large library of software utilities, games and more.
Sporting Goods - For the great outdoors man, we have all your sporting goods covered. Our online store saves you a trip to the Sports Authority.
Tools and Hardware - With top brandname tools like Craftsman, Dewalt, Stanley and more. we are your choice for tools and hardware.
Video Games - Get the latest video games, strategy guides, reviews and more at
Wireless - Getting a cell phone hasn\'t been easier. We have better prices then your local shops and a much larger selection. We carry all providers.

Lets pray that my traffic comes back up. I'll hold a vigil tonight with some candles, and some chants, lol.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Testing Out Google Sitemaps

I just created an automated method to produce Google sitemaps for , hopefully it'll help Google learn about new pages a little easier. I'm scared that I actually have more pages in my site, then in my sitemap. I'd hate for Google to stop crawling my site in the traditional way and only rely on the sitemap.

In anycase, I'm using the method that Google has suggested on their site. I'm excited to see what if any benefit it'll give me. I just put in a new Automotive store on the site, so I want all of those product pages to get picked up as quickly as possible. I'll let you know if it worked as designed. So fax my indexing is comming along really good, got about 36,600 pages indexed so far. Only a few million more to go.