Thursday, June 29, 2006

Google Checkout, Doomsday for Paypal

Google has finally released their long anticipated online payment service called Google Checkout. While Google has quitely downplayed the notion that it will be competing against Pay Pal, the dust has finally settled. Once again, Google has changed the landscape of the internet and how we do things online.  


Waiting For Hot Dog

I can imagine that right about now Pay Pal employees are all cashing in their stock options.

It's gonna be pretty pityful the way that Pay Pal will probably be seen as a relic of modern history in just a short matter of time. I can already see it now, Ebay using Google Checkout, lol, what a riot. While I can't predict exactly when it will happen, you can believe there will be an online battle for the rights to be king of online payment services. I'm wondering how much Pay Pal's stock will drop, and how fast.

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