Thursday, June 29, 2006

Google Checkout, Doomsday for Paypal

Google has finally released their long anticipated online payment service called Google Checkout. While Google has quitely downplayed the notion that it will be competing against Pay Pal, the dust has finally settled. Once again, Google has changed the landscape of the internet and how we do things online.  


Waiting For Hot Dog

I can imagine that right about now Pay Pal employees are all cashing in their stock options.

It's gonna be pretty pityful the way that Pay Pal will probably be seen as a relic of modern history in just a short matter of time. I can already see it now, Ebay using Google Checkout, lol, what a riot. While I can't predict exactly when it will happen, you can believe there will be an online battle for the rights to be king of online payment services. I'm wondering how much Pay Pal's stock will drop, and how fast.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Remote Amazon Carts

I've just developed a nice little Amazon Remote Cart plugin for ASM2. That application, while excellent didn't come with it's own shopping cart, at least the developer wasn't offering it for free. Now the many sites that don't already have true shopping cart functionality with item update and checkout features using ASM2 can easily drop in my plugin. If you want to view it in action, check out I'll be working on it more as time passes. I think I'll see if there is more demand for it. It's not a bad little start. Version 0.1 is fresh off of my Zend ide.

If you need support or assistance getting the plugin installed, check out the technology forums on . If any other developers want to hook up and take this further, please feel to contact me.

Monday, June 26, 2006

My Amazon Cart

I finally finished putting in a shopping cart for , it took me a little time to do. Problem was I was busy with work, and then I wasted time trying to use a php class someone else had created. It was much faster to just develop one myself.

Now that the cart is done, I shall see if I start getting any checkouts. I'm still surprised by the speed at which you can develop with Amazon's Web Services Api. It's beautiful.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Remote Amazon Shopping Cart

I've been noticing much better usage of the aws amazon remote shopping cart. I have one on and it's been doing it's job rather well. Just the other day I sold over $400 dollars worth of knives from the kicthen department. I thought that was pretty cool.

I always enjoy when people use things that I work on. I still have to pretty it up some though, I think the presentation might be creating more abandoned carts then I'd like. I'm gonna have to send some retard to pickup all the empty carts in the parking lot, lol. It'd be nice if Amazon had some aws podcasts.

You know what's starting to suck more and more everyday, I'm trying to reseach something online, learn something new I can do with php, and I get all this ruby on rails crap popping up everywhere. These children are out of control and must be punished. I think it's nothing but a bunch of autogenerated code for aZzh01es. But that's just my opinion : )


I've come acrossed a promissing piece of code in here, but unfortunately, I've still got questions. More questions then answers, so I'm not going to have my remote cart for this weekend like I wanted.


I'm gonna go see if I can find a good Amazon podcast, maybe learn something new.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Office Move

This week has been very interesting, I got to setup a new TalkSwitch I was tired out of my mind after running Cat5 cable last Saturday. I'm glad the weekend is finally here, so, I can take somewhat of a break, I still have a chore to do over the weekend however, but it's only swapping out a motherboard and that's it.