Sunday, May 28, 2006

New Servers

I'll probably be in charge of setting up new servers in a datacenter near us, I've been thinking Dell servers:


Server (computing), a computer that provides services to other computers, or the software that runs on it

However, I've always enjoying my own computer systems. It's nothing to grab a few hard drives, memory, cpu's, motherboards and get crackin.

On the other hand, time is limited, keeping cost in check, vendor support, and partnerships are important. I especially like the fact that Dell is creating jobs for American workers.

on servers ," Dell explained. Simpson said building servers in the Triad "was something we certainly had thought about. As the plant ramped up, we decided it was a good idea."

I personally prefer to do business with companies that don't do all this outsourcing nonsense. If I ever have to call a company to do business with, and I hear anyone of middle eastern decent, you better believe I'm going to be spending my dollars elsewhere.

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