Sunday, March 19, 2006

My Web Services Empire

Slowly but surely my dream of fully automated recurring revenue from webservices, mainly Amazon Associates and Google Adsense are being realized. I've been setting up new projects such as my amazon web shop

The beauty is that when I'm at work, sleep, driving, shopping, my sites are driving sales and clicks. Definately, a beautiful thing. I've started getting some search engine traffic this week also, which is excellent. I've been doing some seo work to the new sites and was expecting to start seeing something soon.

On my technology site I sell a fair amount of books and dvds, so I'm hoping this newer site fully optimized from the start will kick some ass right from the gate.

The google adwords campaign I've setup has been a godsend. I'm making almost $1.30 for my amazon associates account for each $0.20 of google adwords ppc. Not on all keywords mind you, but a few of them. I'm still testing it out, but if all goes well, I could do this on a much larger scale.

I've got alot of work ahead of me if I'm going to get everything I'm trying to done. I want to add more features into my shops, that will hopefully make them more attractive. Mailinglists are also going to help out. Return visitors are always a good thing. I'll post again shortly with more non-sense.


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