Tuesday, February 28, 2006

New GigaBlash Search Results

One of my sites was just crawled by a GigaBlast search engine. It hasn't made the main stream and it already knows who to about the top technology keywords to, I linked to the page: GigaBlast Results for Information Technology Community

I liked the results already.


Sunday, February 26, 2006

Good books for Amazon Associates

I've was just taking a look around and found what looked to be a pretty decent book on Amazon Hacks


I haven't read the whole thing myself, but just the topics covered:

How to use Amazon.com as a Web surfer, Web site publisher, and software developer. Detailed coverage goes to advanced product search techniques, managing the characteristics associated with your Amazon login, selling through Amazon Auctions and zShops, and the Amazon Web Services (AWS) API for Perl, PHP, and Python.

I figured that between this one and this other book I saw, I'd be in pretty decent shape. 

Amazon Aws and Modrewrite

The even offer an API to hook directly into their database of products. Commercial and open source software allows to build websites around the Amazon.com AWS API. The main problem with these sites is usually that they show dynamic URLs.

Which is a reason that you might want to use mod_rewrite.


Anyways, I've been working hard on my new little Amazon Web Shop. It's comming around pretty good. I love the fact that I can offer pretty much everything amazon offers. My next step is going to be working on a wish list I think.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Building An Amazon Web Shop with Amazon Web Services

After spending a long time planning and 2 days of actual execution I've created my new Amazon Web Shop. It's at www.awswebshop.com or www.amazonwebshop.com if that's easier for you to remember. The site uses amazon web service technology to deliver fresh product content directly from Amazon's massive product database.

I'm going to be building in a price comparison tool, wishlist, and date reminder for Birthdays and anniversaries. I think it's pretty cool working with PHP, MySQL, XML. At the same time I've been working to make the shop search engine friendly. I'll write more shortly.