Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My Productive Work Day

Today has been a great day. I got a lot of the small things that I wanted to do, out of the way. I fixed a few cron jobs, changed to a new backup schedule, deleted some old accounts, moved some code, and a few other small little things that I kept procrastinating about.

I also found the time to help a few new clients get started. All in all, it's been a pretty rewarding day. I was also surprised to see I was doing well in all my pay per click campaigns. I manage Adwords for several clients, and also run Google Adsense on my sites too. It's lots of work, but also lots of fun. With the adsense running on my network of sites, it's nice to see the clicks comming through.

A quick top command reassures me that I'm still a pretty decent administrator

22:18:32 up 87 days, 9:40, 1 user, load average: 0.61, 0.72, 0.77

The last time one of my Linux servers was rebooted was when a datacenter tech mistakenly rebooted my server when his monitoring software malfunctioned and thought my box went down. It still pisses me off because I already had almost 300 days of uptime. I still love my datacenter, fastservers.net because they do have my back incase something were to go wrong. Now, that tech did feel embarrassed after he'd rebooted my server, but he does have my respect because he was cool enough to upgrade my Def Con service level. That was very nice of him.

Damn, as if my day wasn't already great, a new Fire Fox entension upgrade fixed my flash support. Now I'm grinning, lol. I guess I should finish this blog post before something bad does happen. The time.... it's always working against me.

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