Tuesday, January 10, 2006

My New RSS Network

I've been working on my rss news network. Just launched three new sites in one month. Four if I count this blog. I've been coding a news aggregation system. I'd like to build up a few more sites. Hopefully I can add lots of cool features. Right now I've just got the basics in place, but shortly there will be tons of easily browsable content.

If anyone is interested in checking it out, I did the following three new sites. Adsense News Adsense-News.com is all about organizing news, guides and information about google adsense. I know there's lot of google adsense resource sites out there, but this is one more. I really think that Adsense has been a breakthru program that truly changes the economic balance for the small time webmaster like myself. Google adsense is a great program, which is the reason I created my next site Yahoo Publisher Network News yahooypnnews.com - It wouldn't be fair if I just made a site for adsense, when YPN is also an excellent program. Yahoo YPN is a relatively new program, and therefore there isn't lots of places to get decent information about it (problem solved). I figured that I'd probably be one of the very first sites dedicated to Yahoo Publisher Network. In the future, when this blog post is logged by a million rss aggregators and makes it's way to you, you can look it up for me and let me know if I was really the first.

Lastly I created the rss clearinghouse rssclearinghouse.com . The rss clearinghouse is about bringing everyone's news to one central location, where if I find the time, everything could be organized and easily searchable. I intend to create features such as feed mix, and custom feeds from multiple locations. It's pretty sweet being able to have that much uncensored news all in one shot. Very refreshing. If you have any recommendations, I'd definately invite you to post a reply.

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