Tuesday, December 27, 2005

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Rss feeds are a great technology for moving data. Moving data via xml technology is a great way to syndicate your website content. If you have a blog, a podcast or any kind of website, you can benefit from the use of rss feeds.

Rss is the internet equivelent of a satellite dish that a major broadcast network can use to get it's content out to the world. Using XML technology, your content such as text, photos, audio and other media can travel via rss, from a feeder to an aggregator or feed parser.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Done with Christmas at Last

This year was pretty good, made lots of money and had a great time doing it This year coming is going to be about taking my skills to the next level.

I've got a second site to do the rss feeds for, but it won't be to the same extent. It'll be for my job, not for personal use. Ill post more on that later.

Rss site

Rssclearinghouse.com is my new rss site.

My New RSS Site

I've just started a new Rss feed, blog and podcast directory. I'm still working on it. Got to make it user friendly and well search engine optimized as well.

I've been looking for a personal project to call my own. I've already got the Information Technology Community site but I wanted to do something a little larger. The rss feeds are great because they are pretty much aggregate on their own, and I just need to focus on usability, security and adding value. It'll be tough and fun.